Miriam Kalliomaki is a Canadian artist who currently lives in Barrie, Ontario and was born in Sudbury, Ontario in 1958. Pastels are her preferred medium and her body of work also includes watercolor, and graphite drawings. She enjoys creating art of nature as well as pet portraits. Miriam completed an Academy of Art University course in 2014 and has painted and drawn for most of her life. She was a member of the 2016 Barrie Spring Art Tour with exhibits at the Barrie Art Club and the Edge Gallery. She has also presented at the Barrie City Hall and will present in the Reflections Art Gallery in June, 2016. The website for Miriam's Art can be found at www.miriamsart.com. On her website Miriam posts her art work and writes about her anxiety and her healing journey. She can be found on Facebook under Miriams Art2 and on Twitter under @miriamsart. She can be reached at miriamsart@outlook.com.


Barn Owl, 23x33, framed, $225.00 Eastern Bluebird, 21x27, framed, $225.00 Snow Leopard, 21x27, framed, $225.00 Cerulean Warbler, 20x26, framed, $225.00 White-breasted Nuthatch, 21x27, framed, $225.00 Blue Jay in Flight, 25x31, framed, $225.00 Loon and Baby, 23x32, framed, $225.00 Barn Owl in Blue Barn...Sold! Beluga...Sold! Yellow Red Rose, 12x18, framed, $225.00


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