2017 5th Annual Online Juried Exhibition

Our 5th Annual online exhibition continues to grow in popularity. More and more members are entering this show as it’s an excellent way of getting their work out there without having to ship!

Thank you to our juror Trish Acres, PAC, MPAC

Award Paintings

Special Exhibition Recognition


First Place: Sheila Mather for Yakoun River Spruce

Second Place: Guo Yue Dou for Leader of the Tribe

Third Place: Kathy Hildebrandt for All That Glitters


Honorable Mentions

Dave Denson for Downtown

Ron Underhill for West Coast Guardian

Kathy Hildebrandt for The Making of Mona


Members Earning Signature Status

Carol Walthers PAC

Dave Denson PAC

Denise Nonomura PAC

Jessica Masters PAC

Pascale Euzen PAC

Susan Typert PAC

Ron Underhill MPAC

Kristin Vignal MPAC

Online Exhibition Gallery

Juror's Comments

Trish Acres PAC, MPAC

It was a great honour to be asked to adjudicate the Pastel Artists Online Show this year. Although I was delighted to take on the task of selecting the show and its winners, it was far from easy. I found it most difficult to narrow down the Honourable Mention category. I would have chosen at least a dozen of them if I had been allowed. 

Over the years, I have experienced my share of juried shows, with many rejected pieces, and a handful of accepted ones. Artistic growth comes from understanding the reason for a rejection but also appreciating the qualities and criteria that a selected work displays. When your painting is among hundreds of others, it is a great accomplishment to be accepted into any juried show. 

Design elements that I was looking for specifically include well-drawn, accurate renditions of subject matter, texture and use of line, and most importantly painting light. It’s one thing to paint a landscape or a still life and accurately translate the subject onto paper. It’s another thing to use the spectrum of sunlight to help bring that same to painting to life. Light is what gives a painting that magical quality that the viewer falls in love with. Understanding how to describe the spectrum of light, whether it be in shadow, or in a highlight, is a skill that is worth working towards. 

I’m certain you’ll enjoy the selected paintings as much as I did. What a joy to spend time looking at and appreciating the skill and dedication of so many Canadian pastel artists!