28th Annual Purely Pastel Exhibition

Our 28th Annual Purely Pastel exhibition features the work of 43 artists from Canada and internationally.

Exhibition Details

Federation Gallery

Vancouver, BC

May 13 to 26, 2019

Juror: Joan Larson PAC, MPAC

Award Paintings

Special Exhibition Recognition


Ursula Reese Grand Prize: Robin Nyikos for Tea and Oranges at Suzanne’s

First Place: Roberta Combs for Behind the Scene

Second Place: Claudine Gevry for Passages

Third Place: Andrew McDermott for Hong Kong Lights

Honorable Mentions

GuoYue Dou for Quiet

Fred Fielding for Morning Light

Claudine Gevry for Passages

Irene Gray for Red Rooster

Members Earning Signature Status

Claudine Gevry PAC

Irene Gray, MPAC

Janet Ellison PAC

Patricia Porter PAC

Marjorie Robertson PAC

Ann Rochefort PAC

Cheryl Roller  MPAC

Janine Smith PAC

Doug Wasilieff PAC

Online Exhibition Gallery

Juror's Comments

Joan Larson PAC, MPAC

Let me begin by telling you it was an honour to be selected to jury this show. Jurying was challenging. I have juried many shows, but am accustomed to having other jurors and the fine discussions that occur during this process. It was daunting to know that the full responsibility rested on me alone this time. 

When jurying the artworks I look for several things:  Composition, Value Structure and Technical Merit (which includes quality of the rendering, colour scheme, lost and found edges, perspective).  Another component is what I call the “wow” factor;  what is my emotional reaction to it, does it draw me in and does it keep me looking at it.  

Congratulations to everyone who submitted artworks for this show. I know that you have put your heart into your work. In my opinion it is an act of bravery to put your art out there to be judged and I applaud your courage. Paint for the love of painting and not for the recognition. Fall in love with the process, not the product!

 As pastel artists we all know the incredible diversity of this sensuous medium. This show is a wonderful opportunity to see the tremendous diversity of styles, expression and subject matter that pastels are capable of. It was an honour to be your juror this year, and moreover, it is an honour to share this passion for pastels with all of you. 

Our Sponsors

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