2019 7th Annual Online Juried Exhibition

Pastel Artist.CA is pleased to showcase the works accepted into its 7th Annual Online Member Juried Exhibition. This exhibition is open to PAC members to showcase their work and includes the work of 49 member artists from across Canada.

Thank you to our juror Clarence Porter PAC, MPAC

Award Paintings

Special Exhibition Recognition


First Place: Musa Musa for Waterlilies with Reflections of Sky and Trees

Second Place: Ingrid vanReenen for Brooks

Third Place: Roberta Combs for Silence is Golden

Honorable Mentions

Joanne Cotton for Vista

Dalibor Dejanovic for Tangled

Fred Fielding for Morning Pond Reflections

Kathy Hildebrandt for Hit the Road Jack

Susan Typert for Hot Day in the Lavender Field

Members Earning Signature Status

Rosemary Bennett PAC

Elsa Black PAC

Jo-Anne Finegan PAC

Bernie Hansen PAC

Maria Iva MPAC

Kira Sokolovskaia PAC

Andrea Varangu PAC

Anu Vedagiri PAC

Online Exhibition Gallery

Juror's Comments

clarence Porter PAC, MPAC

I would first like to thank Pastel Artists Canada for asking me to be the juror for the PAC 7th Online Exhibition. It was an honour. There were 205 submissions by 87 artists from all over Canada. The number of artists who submitted and the number of submissions were a new record. The caliber of work was exceptional so selecting who would finally be in this showing was very difficult. For those who did not make this show, please do not be discouraged. Continue to create and make art for the love of the craft.

The first three things I look for in any painting are the PVCs: proportions, values, and composition. Whether figurative, landscape, still life or abstract, I ask myself: are the proportions correct? Is there good uses of dark to light values and are the placement of objects on the page balanced? These are all technical elements necessary for a good technical painting.

And then I look for things like: did the painting feel complete? and, did all of the elements in the painting make sense?. By these I mean: were there elements in the painting that were either unfinished in their structure or confusing in their rendering?, did I feel a sense of depth in the painting?, most importantly, did the painting make me feel anything? and, was there something about the painting that made me pause? Ken Wilber (1) wrote, “Great art is judged by the capacity to take your breath away, take yourself away, take time away, all at once.”

Finally, as artists we are storytellers and we must ask: Were our stories told? In the case the submissions, there were more than enough wonderful stories told and I hope you enjoy these.

Clarence A. Porter PAC, MPAC, PSA

(1) Ken Wilber, The Eye of Spirit: An Integral Vision for a World Gone Slightly Mad (Shambhala; Subsequent edition (December 11, 2001), Pg. 136.