29th Annual Purely Pastel Exhibition

Our 29th Annual Purely Pastel exhibition features the work of 58 artists from Canada as well as some of our international members.

Exhibition Details

Due to Covid 19, the exhibition was moved from its proposed gallery at the Neilson Park Creative Center in Etobicoke, ON to an online exhibition.

June 1st, 2020

Juror: Jessica Masters PAC, MPAC

Award Paintings

President's Award

In recognition of the unusual times we find ourselves in, a special award was created to provide inspiration and hope for our future.

The President’s Award for Inspiration During a Troubling Time, is sponsored by Wyndham Art Supplies and was selected from the entries by PAC President, Kathy Hildebrand, MPAC-EP.

It was presented to Donna McDonnell, PAC for her painting “Party of One”.

President's Award- Donna McDonnell, PAC

Special Exhibition Recognition


Ursula Reese Best in Show: Izabel Dagenais for Maree basse

First Place: Fred Fielding for Into the Woods

Second Place: Susan Typert for Helen of Florina

Third Place: Paul Vincent for Abandoned

Fourth Place – Jo Ranocchia for Baron

Honorable Mentions

Beverley Biddulph for Crescent Beach Hideaway

William-Daniel Cadieux for Night Compulsion

Heather Laws for Clyde Bling


Allan WaiShing Mak for Is It Feeding Time?

President’s Award
Donna McDonnell for Party of One

Members Earning Signature Status

Roberta Combs MPAC-EP

Fred Fielding MPAC-EP

Louise Kelly MPAC

Monette LeBlanc-Priemer PAC

Heather Laws MPAC

Musa Musa PAC

Helene Raymond PAC

Ingrid vanReenen PAC

Paul Vincent MPAC

Online Exhibition Gallery

Juror's Comments

Jessica Masters, PAC, MPAC

I was honoured to be the juror for the PAC’S 29th Annual On-line Exhibition. The quality of submissions was impressive and made the selection process both challenging and inspiring. The  variety of approaches, techniques and subjects reminded me of how versatile and expressive this medium can be, and why I love it so much.

As I juried this exhibition I looked for several things. I value a strong composition, well observed drawing, a clear focal point, a colour palette that accurately captures the mood, and a value pattern that guides me comfortably through the image. Alone these elements are not quite enough; I also seek an emotional engagement through colour and simplicity of form. This kind of connection emerges when an artist trusts themself to paint beyond the confines of the photo and draw inspiration from their own experience and interpretations. I find that art that walks the line between observation and expression creates a deeper connection with the audience. As a viewer, there is room to bring your own experiences to the piece, or to be graciously allowed to sense what the artist is thinking without feeling like an intruder.

Some pieces captured this kind of expression and engagement in a few abstracted strokes, and other images were so realistically rendered I thought I could reach out and touch the surface. After viewing hundreds of images, the pieces that I selected as winners were the ones that wouldn’t leave my mind. With some images I knew instantly why I loved them, others surprised me by their slow but real impact on me as I went about my day. When a piece continues to return to my thoughts, it means it got me. This is how I buy art, this is what I want people to feel when they see my art, and this is how I juried this show.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted work. It’s a wonderful show.


Our Sponsors

Pastel Artists.CA wants to extend its sincere appreciation and gratitude to our generous sponsors.  They play a big part in the success of our exhibitions. This year’s sponsors are:

Terry Ludwig Pastels – First Place Award
Savoir Faire – Second Place Award
UART Pastel Paper – Third Place Award
Dakota Pastels – Fourth Place Award
Jackson’s Art – Honorable Mentions (4)
Wyndham Art Supplies – President’s Award


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