2020 8th Annual Online Juried Exhibition

Pastel Artist.CA is pleased to release its 8th Annual Online Member Juried Exhibition. This exhibition is open to PAC members to showcase their work and includes the work of many member artists from across Canada.

Thank you to our jurors: Fred Fielding MPAC-EP, Heather Laws MPAC, and Susan Typer, MPAC

Award Paintings

Special Exhibition Recognition


First Place: Patricia Lindley, MPAC – In Pursuit

Second Place: Andrew McDermott, PAC  – Lights On Broadway
Third Place:  Anu Vedagiri, MPAC – Simple Pleasures
Honorable Mentions
Kathy Dolan, MPAC – Two Of His Loves
Elena Selitsky – Rose Hips
Roberta Combs, MPAC-EP – Balancing Act
Jesica Masters, MPAC – Crystal Wave
Kathy Hildebrandt, MPAC-EP – Life Under Construction 


Members Earning Signature Status

New PAC members:
Lynn  McCleary, PAC
Andrew McDermott, PAC
Caroline Stellings, PAC
Candice Woodard, PAC

New MPAC members:
Joanne Cotton, MPAC
Patricia Lindley, MPAC
Ann Rochefort, MPAC
Kira Sokolovskaia, MPAC
Anu Vedagiri, MPAC

New MPAC-EP member
Christine Camilleri, MPAC-EP

Online Exhibition Gallery

Jurors' Comments

Fred Fielding MPAC-EP, Heather Laws MPAC, and Susan Typert MPAC

Fred Fielding MPAC-EP:

I would say that overall the level of artistic ability of the entries was quite good.   I looked first for a cohesive composition good value and color and confident manipulation of pastel. After that it was mostly just the feeling or mood that the piece conveyed.

Heather Laws MPAC:

Thank you to the Pastel Artists Canada for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the jury panel for this show, it was a great honour.  Thank you to all the artists for taking the time to submit their work. It was a pleasure to see all the new ideas and techniques apparent in this show. 

When viewing all the work the most important elements I look for are: creativity in both the use of colour and arrangement of shapes; the ability to convey light and it’s play on surfaces; technical expertise in both drawing skills and application of the medium, strength of perception and a strong engaging visual story. 

There were many paintings that possessed these qualities. Singling out only a select few to receive an award was extremely difficult, many were worthy. I was very thankful to have shared that task with Susan and Fred.  Thank you again and enjoy the show!

Susan Typert MPAC

Entering a show takes guts. I was humbled to judge a show of such a high calibre of work. Passion poured out of every entry, but in the end there were key elements that pushed some forward. As much as you have likely heard it before, a strong composition and value structure were key. These elements were evident right from the image thumbnail compelling you to open it – a critical feature in a digital show. Paintings in which you could see the artist’s hand and decisiveness, through well chosen colour palettes and beautiful mark making, were rewarded for their creativity and bravery.