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June 2023 Theme: "Workshop Winners"

PAC is inviting all soft pastel artists to share their work within a theme in a non-juried, non-competitive environment. Please join and share regardless whether you are an established pastel artist or an emerging one. All artists and paintings are welcome!
Our challenge for the month of June is called “Workshop Winners”.  As pastel artists we love to expand our knowledge of our favourite medium, whether it is through zoom or in-person workshops.  Please share images of the results of favourite workshops in which you have participated, and any new tips and techniques you found useful.  
We have set up a photo album called “#8 Workshop Winners” in the Pastel Artists Canada – Facebook Group of which you need to be a member to post.  To post your paintings go to the toolbar and click Media>Albums>#8 Workshop Winners.  Please add size and substrate.
Enjoy and be sure to check our other member’s work, too!

If you have an idea for a future PAC Challenge theme, please send our PAC FB admin a direct message in Facebook


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