A Message from our president

Meet our President

Joan Larson MPAC, SFCA 

I have been the PAC President since 2021 and an active member and PAC supporter since 2013.I’m also a 40 year veteran of working with pastels almost exclusively in my professional career as an artist.I first fell in love with pastels when my son was born (he is 43 now).  I needed a medium that I could put down and leave at a moments notice and of course that brought me to pastels.  Initially I thought of pastels as “drawing with colour” but that changed decades ago into what I consider a far more apt description of “painting with pure pigment.”  That is what brought me to pastels but what keeps me here is the incredible inexhaustible range of expression that this medium offers to its fortunate devotees. I am now pushing the boundaries and working more experimentally with pastels.  Whether it is through underpainting using any number of different liquids and substrates, using liquid fixatives as a painting medium or applying barrier coats of fixatives (to avoid glass) this medium continues to fascinate me. It is my love of pastels that motivated me to accept this position within PAC and it is my mission to further educate both artists and the viewing public about the beauty of this timeless medium we call “pastels.”

Kathy Hildebrant is the PAC Past President

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