Upcoming Workshop in Langley, BC

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A Unique Workshop Experience!

2 Days

2 Instructors

2 Styles and Subjects

Roberta Combs - Back to Nature
Gail Sibley - Layering for Luminous Pastels

Join us for 2 days of fun and learning

Pastel Artists.CA is hosting a 2 day workshop with 2 of Canada’s Master pastellists. Each day will feature a different instructor, different style and different subject matter. 

This workshop will be held on October 23 to 24, 2021 at the Masonic Hall in Langley, BC.

This is an outstanding opportunity to learn from 2 leading Canadian pastel instructors. Learn their tips and tricks for creating pastel paintings in different styles and techniques.

Join Roberta Combs and Gail Sibley for a fun and information packed 2 days in beautiful BC.

Workshop Details

Where: Masonic Hall – 20701 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC

When: October 23 to 24, 2021

Time: 9:30 to 4:30 daily

Cost: PAC Members $180  Non-Members $250

Registration Deadline: October 9, 2021

What’s Included: Lunch will be provided each day, as well as coffee and tea

Accommodations: The Masonic Hall is located in Langley, BC which is approximately 45 minutes outside of Vancouver.  There are numerous hotels, AirBnBs as well as bed and breakfasts in the area.

Each participant will have a table to work on but you will be required to supply a cover (tablecloth) to protect the surface.  You may bring your own easel. Everything can be left overnight.


Covid Protocols

In order to provide a safe environment, the following Covid-19 precautions will be in place:

All federal, provincial, local and facility protocols will be strictly adhered to.
All participants are required to be fully vaccinated (this will be on the honor system). 
Masks requirements will be at the discretion of the facility and the instructor. * 

*Additional information will be provided by Lyn Thomas, our workshop coordinator, at the beginning of the workshop.


Member price for this workshop is $180. Non-member pricing is $250. (*Non-members may want to consider joining PAC at a Basic membership level for $50 and then register at the member price of $180)

Please click on the link below to register and pay by PayPal.


If you have any questions regarding the workshop please email:

Lyn Thomas at westworkshop@pastelartists.ca

Direct any questions or issues regarding the registration process to:

Kathy Hildebrandt at support@pastelartists.ca

Saturday October 23

Roberta Combs


Back To Nature

Get back to nature. Turn your summer outdoor reference into a stunning pastel painting.
Meet Roberta

Sunday October 24

Gail Sibley


Layering for Luminous Pastels

Join Gail to find out how some pastelists create such luminous looking paintings.
Meet Gail

Meet the Instructors and workshop details

Roberta Combs

About Roberta Combs


Roberta Combs is a Spilsbury Medal award winner in the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her award-winning work has been seen in International Artists Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine and in the Pastel Journal Magazine. She has exhibited in the Butler Institute of American Art, The Federation Gallery, the American Art Company, The National Arts Club Gallery and the Salmagundi Club in New York City, The Vose Gallery in Boston, and locations that include Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto, and Albuquerque and France.

Roberta Combs has been awarded Senior Signature Status in the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Northwest Pastel Society; is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists; and is a Master Pastelist of the Pastel Artists Canada. Roberta has also been awarded Master Status Pastelist in the Pastel Society of America. She is the only Canadian to hold this distinction.

She is one of only six Canadians to be a Gold Medal recipient from the International Association of Pastel Societies, recognizing her designation as an artist of the Master Circle.

Back to Nature

In this workshop we will be getting back to nature using some summer outdoor reference. Our subject will be an interesting tree composition (reference provided by you), incorporating a living element, in this case a bird of your choice. We will be discussing the benefits and impact of an underpainting prior to applying our pastel. This underpainting method has gained popularity quickly and is now an established approach used by many of the most prominent pastel artists.

We will apply color and texture as a base to build on. As you begin to develop your painting, this initial wash of color will contribute to your layering process and help you achieve depth while adding an exciting twist. We will finish by focusing on our bird drawing and placement into the composition.

You will require sanded pastel paper that is a light color and able to have liquid on its surface. I will be be using UArt 800, size 12×18. As paper is a challenge to find locally, I will have UArt paper available for purchase at the workshop. You will also have the opportunity to try the Richeson underpainting blocks created especially for this purpose. Please bring tree reference with you to the workshop. It should be just close enough to feature a bird no larger than actual size. I will be doing a poplar tree.

Roberta Combs - Behind the Scene

Supply List

Supply List

Your reference: interesting tree(s) with some foliage, bird image of your choice.
Pastels – A selection of good quality hard, medium and soft pastels is preferred. I do not recommend only bringing Nupastel (very hard), or any pastels made in China including inexpensive sets of Koss, Pentel, Mungyo or Prang brands which have little pigment and contain chalk.
Pastel pencils are always very useful.
Sanded pastel paper in a light color that will support a liquid wash. I will be using UArt 800, size 12×18.
Sennelier La Carte is not suitable
Foam core board to fix your paper to
Easel if you prefer.
Small Sketch Pad, Drawing pencil and eraser
Masking tape 1 ½ ” wide or clamps to secure your paper
Brush 1”-1 ½ “ wide acrylic or w/c.
Old bath towel large to cover your work areaGlassine or paper to cover your work during transit

Optional supplies
Wet wipes
Dollar store plastic tablecloth for floor especially if you are using a floor easel.

Additional Information
I know it is sometimes a challenge to find pastel supplies locally. I will have UArt 800 sanded paper 12 x 18, available to purchase at the workshop for $10.
** If you are shopping for pastels, Opus now carries Sennelier Soft Pastel Sets that are highly recommended.
Also, a fine quality Richeson Professional Pastels – Basic Foundation Set that is the perfect inexpensive starter set for about $80. The sets contain 3 softness levels used in pastel painting and includes several other useful tools. Good quality pastels make a huge difference in pastel paintings.

Gail Sibley

About Gail Sibley

Artist and instructor Gail Sibley balances art-making with creating content for her well-respected blog – HowToPastel.com –  and her online art membership IGNITE! at GailsibleyArtSchool.com.

She loves to travel (severely curtailed in 2020!) and combines that with her love of teaching by offering workshops worldwide in locations such as Spain, Croatia, and Italy. She hopes her October 2021 workshop in Tasmania goes ahead! Plans are afoot for workshops in Italy, UK, and Costa Rica in 2022. She will also be teaching at IAPS that year.

Gail has exhibited regularly through the years in national and international shows, and has been honoured by media reviews and awards. Born and brought up in Jamaica, Gail now enjoys the temperate climate of Victoria, BC with her partner Cam. She’s always open to a glass of wine or craft beer with family or friends.


How do some pastelists get such luminous-looking paintings? Often, the answer is to do with layering pastels.

This workshop is all about helping you achieve a luminous quality in your work through the magic of layering. Part of this magic comes from something pretty practical…and that is, combining pastels that come from a similar value range. We’ll delve into values and colour and how they’re related (sooooo important!). We’ll practice applying pastel in various ways and then use those techniques to build up a painting of a subject of your choosing.

The aim of this workshop will be to get you comfortable with and excited about layering pastels so you can create pastel paintings with depth of colour, strength of value, and a shimmering luminosity!

Gail Sibley - Solo with Dolo

Supply List

Your soft pastels ideally pre-sorted into three main values 
A sheet or two of Canson Mi-Teintes paper in “Felt grey” (preferred) or “Steel grey”
A half sheet of sanded paper (UART, Sennelier La Care, Pastel Premier) or equivalent (think Pastelmat). You will use this for your painting plus some of the exercises. 
Vine charcoal for drawing up exercises and painting image
Board and masking tape to mount your paper
Sketchbook for thumbnails and notes 
A couple of pencils (HB and 4B pencil for example) for thumbnails. If you have a black and 50% Grey marker, bring those too
Roll of toilet paper for cleaning pastels
A sheet of glassine or acid free tissue to cover work, etc
Colour wheel


Optional but desirable!
Value scale
Barrier cream or vinyl gloves
WetOnes or equivalent
Subjects to paint

As this workshop is about technique, it will be up to you to choose your subject. Please bring either a couple of objects to work from or a photograph of something you’d like to work on.

Feel free to bring a selection of items that interest you if you plan on working from life. Please remember to bring something to place the objects on, whether paper or cloth. I suggest bringing a selection of colours and include dark and light choices.

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