2018 6th Annual Online Juried Exhibition

Pastel Artist.CA is pleased to release its 6th Annual Online Member Juried Exhibition. This exhibition is open to PAC members to showcase their work and includes the work of 76 member artists from across Canada.

Thank you to our juror, Karin Richter PAC, MPAC

Award Paintings

Special Exhibition Recognition


First Place: Anu Vedagiri for Blue Jeans and Steel Beams II

Second Place: Dave Denson for Urban Colors

Third Place: Helene Raymond for Tendresse

Honorable Mentions

Dave Beckett for Water Sounds NL

Roberta Combs for Evening’s Last Rays

Kathy Hildebrandt for Just Let It Be

Ann Rochefort for Still Life with Lemon

Ingrid vanReenen for Miles

Members Earning Signature Status

Joanne Cotton PAC

Julie Grimaldi PAC

Margot Hallman PAC

Rona Huggins PAC

Louise Kelly PAC

Lauraine LaFramboise PAC

Jessica Masters MPAC

Gary Smith PAC

Susan Typert MPAC

Paul Vincent PAC

Online Exhibition Gallery

Juror's Comments

Karin Richter PAC, MPAC

It has been my pleasure and honour to serve as a juror for this PAC show. It is also a great responsibility as I know, as your fellow artist, you put your best foot forward and submit good work, only to be subjected to someone else’s judgment. I have done my best to remain as unbiased as possible and apply solid criteria when making my selection.

I look for drawing skills, good and interesting composition, great values, a focus, interesting negative space and an emotional connection. The images I have chosen have most of the attributes and even when they did not, they had qualities that made them worthwhile. On the other hand, the images I did not select lacked in one or several of these areas. What I found most prevalent were value issues, meaning that light, medium and dark passages were not in the right place or absent.

There were many images deserving an award and I struggled which ones to single out. They all have great design qualities. The image “Blue Jeans and Steel Beams” that I selected for the top award is a perfect example of what a good painting is about. It is all about shapes, great drawing and rendering skills on the figures, one figure being the focus and a great juxtaposition of organic versus man-made elements, well done! I awarded “Urban Colours” the second place as it has the most interesting shapes, dynamic brushstrokes and negative spaces. My 3rd choice for awards goes to “Tendresse”, a beautifully rendered piece with great negative shapes, focus and emotion. There were 5 honourable mentions but there were many more I could have picked. Again, they are all well done, display great drawing skills, wonderful application of the medium and in case of “Miles”, the dog, a “realness” to it that just jumps off the page.