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Terry Ludwig Pastels

By Kathy Hildebrandt


Ahhh, Terry Ludwig pastels. Have you ever used a pastel as luscious as a Terry Ludwig pastel?  They are simply one of the best, if not the best pastel to use when you need that bold stroke or that sharp edge of the rectangular stick for the finest detailed marks. 

Many years ago, one of my first pastel purchases from the US was the Terry Ludwig Intense Darks set.  I had heard about the darker than black “eggplant” color. When I tried it I realized that everything that I had heard about it was true, it is such an intense, lively dark. I have not found any other pastel that can compare to it.

Terry Ludwig Intense Dark set of 0

Since that first set, I have added many, many more Ludwig’s to my collection.  Can you tell I love Ludwigs?

Kathy's collection of Ludwig pastels

Terry Ludwig Pastels is a family owned business in Littleton, Colorado.  They started making pastels in 1995 and have been adding to their line since.  Terry retired in 2016 and turned the reigns over to his son Geoff.  These pastels are unique and have started a trend in providing artists with rectangular pastel sticks. You don’t have to worry about them rolling off your easel or table, and the shape lends itself to very distinct mark making.  

The texture and softness of the sticks is unsurpassed. As they say on their website “Each pastel is crafted by hand with a broad range of pigments and minimal natural binders. Our process renders highly concentrated velvety pastels.” Velvety is the right word to describe them.

Terry Ludwig 30 Turquoise set

If you’ve ever been to the IAPS convention, you’ll know of the pandemonium that always surrounds the Ludwig booth as artists from around the world are eager to try new colors or replenish their palette box. 

The Ludwig company is an extremely generous sponsor of art events throughout North America.  They have sponsored awards for Pastel Artists.CA for many years and this year donated the 1st Place award in our 29th Annual Purely Pastel exhibition.  We very much appreciate all that they do for us – THANK YOU!

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Review By

Kathy Hildebrandt


Kathy is an PAC Eminent Pastelist. She is currently the President of Pastel Artists.CA and the Society of Canadian Artists

Terry Ludwig Pastels