26th Annual Purely Pastel Exhibition

Pastel Artists.CA is pleased to present our 26th Annual Purely Pastel exhibition held at the Federation Gallery in beautiful Vancouver, BC

Exhibition Details

Federation Gallery

Vancouver BC

May 22 to June 4, 2017

Juror: Richard McKinley PSA-HRH, PSWC-DP

Award Paintings

Special Exhibition Recognition


Ursula Reese Grand Prize: Trish Acres for Freckled Teapot

Second Place: Ruth Rodgers for Touch the Stars

Third Place: Claudine Gevry for Winter Light

Honorable Mentions

Kathy Hildebrandt for Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Gail Sibley for Summer Evening in Budapest

Kira Sokolovskaia for Lynne Forest

Members Earning Signature Status

Grace Frate PAC

Sheila Mather MPAC

Donna McDonnell PAC

Catherine Sheppard MPAC

Valerie Wilson PAC

Online Exhibition Gallery

Juror's Comments

Richard McKinley PSA-HFH, PSWC-DP

It was an honor to be the juror of selection for the Pastel Artists Canada Exhibition 2017. Having worked professionally in pastel for well over forty years, it is truly a thrill to see how far the medium has come. This is due in no large part to the tremendous dedication of pastel organizations such as the Pastel Artists of Canada. I commend all of you for your tireless efforts.

Acting as a juror/judge is always a humbling experience. It is never easy to be placed in the position of judging the creative merits of another artist’s work. After repeated review, my criteria for selection came down to: Originality, Command of the Medium, Personal Technique, and Compositional Design. Many paintings, beyond being technically well done, were filled with poetic expression conveying the painter’s personality. As the selection process narrowed, it became one man’s opinion on a given day and nothing more.

I want to congratulate those of you that made the cut. To those of you who did not, I applaud your courage in placing your personal artistic visions out for judgment. I encourage you to continue taking chances. When all is said and done, painting is not about the finished product, it is about the journey!

Our Sponsors

Pastel Artists.CA wants to extend its sincere appreciation and gratitude to our generous sponsors.  They play a big part in the success of our exhibitions.